Nice to meet you here and hopefully you are going to interested in visiting my site regularly in the future. A site with lots of new ideas and facts. May I intodruce myself. My name is Anna-Maria and my favourite hobbies are nutrition, cooking, fitness and health. These are not only hobbies but my passion. From 2010 to 2013 I studied food management and learnt a lot – theoretically as well as practically – about various interesting topics concerning nutrition. In 2013 I have became a vegetarian with an even deeper enthusiasm for food and nutrition.


Consequently I have been dreaming quite a long time of passing my knowledge and experience to others. With my blog GlücksFood my dreams came true. Hopefully I will be able to inspire you and many others with my enthusiasm and knowledge.


What can you expect from my blog? You will discover a variety of different excitingly, healthy and unusual recipes pepped up by adding interesting tips and lots of details.


Let me say a few more words about my recipes. Of course, it is vital for me to using clean foods, wholefoods. Foods in a simple form which have not been refined and without any artificial substances. Therefore flavor enhancers, added sugar and additives are taboos. My recipes are vegetarian and without meat and fish.


With many ideas for my blog it is worthwhile to visiting my site regularly. Maybe your interest will be growing and we will be able to share a common passion for nutrition, cooking and health. Cooking and eating means fun, fulfillment and the oppurtunity of a healthy lifestyle.


Are you looking for an adventure beyond the tasks of everyday life? You can find it here. I would be very happy if you visit my blog again and look forward to an exciting and creative time together. I am open to ideas, criticism and questions. I am also looking forward to your recommendations and thank you for doing so. And now we start according to my motto:

Be happy and healthy

Best regards Anna-Maria